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                SJ SUPER SERIES
                SJ SUPER SERIES

                SJ SUPER SERIES

                Model NO.
                SUPER SERIES

                Super Type CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine is designed for mass and high efficiency processing. Its processing efficiency is about 5%-10% higher than that of other similar machines. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high processing accuracy, relatively good smmothness after multiple cutting, simple operations, and high processing consistency.
                The equipment is suitable for cutting work pieces in large quantities.

                Electrical? Parameters:

                Max.Cutting Speedmm2/min180
                Wire Electrode Diametermmφ0.18~φ0.25
                Machining Precision(cutting octagon)mm≤0.012
                Taper/Workpiece Height6°/100mm
                Power Consumptionkw3
                Surface roughnessμm

                Single cut Ra<2.5

                *Multiple cut Ra<1

                High pressure water tankMulti-stage filter system
                Control method of wire spool,cooling system

                Controlled by the program and the NC panel

                Repeating position precision of X,Y-axisμm±1
                Guide rail typeV-groove rail
                Speed regulation of transport wire tubeConverter
                Number of control axes5
                Power SupplyAC380V? 50Hz

                *The material of workpiece is Cr12 and the height is less than 100mm.

                Equipment Specification:

                Worktable Size (LxW)mm300x490455x625520x770600x900670x1000
                Worktable Travel (LxW)mm250x320350x450450x550550x800630x800
                Max.Workpiece Heightmm350400400600700
                Max.Workpiece Weightkg200300500700900
                Machine Dimensions(LxWxH)mm1500x900x14501650x1180x16501865x1520x16502070x1850x21002265x1865x2100
                Machine Weightkg10001200150025003200

                Standard Accessories:

                ? X, Y-axis stepping motor

                ? V-groove rail

                ? High pressure water tank

                ? Concentrated manual lubricating system

                ? Converter

                ? Win7 operating system

                ? Integrated control cabinet

                ? Industrial computer IPC

                ? Isolating transformer system

                ? A set of tools and accessories

                ? One-year warranty

                Optional Accessories:

                ? Linear guide rail(HIWIN)

                ? Grating ruler

                ? Z-axis column is increased in height

                ? Z-axis lift by electric driving

                ? Gravity tightening system(above model SJ320)

                ? Electric integration lubrication system(only linear guide rail)

                ? 60° cutting taper

                ? High precision lead screw

                ? Ruby spinneret/diamond spinneret guider

                ? Regulated power supply

                ? The color of machine is optional (The color of control cabinet in nonoptional)

                ? Two-year warranty

                ※ The above configuration and parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

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